Friday, March 12, 2010

Et tu, Fluté?

A friend of mine, Ekkehard Bonatz, in addition to being a gifted doctor specializing in the hand, is also a fine flute player. He recently recorded a couple of songs at our studio.

With me as his accompanist, he recorded the Bach Siciliano and the Schubert Serenade.

Ekkehard's wife Jill, a fine pianist herself, and physical therapists Susan Brown and Nicki Harris came along to watch. I had invited them so they could see their boss in action. I got to know Susan and Nicki when they measured me for the silver thumb splints, and Ekkehard was the doctor who diagnosed my thumb hyperextension problem. Bill Monk was the engineer at the session, and lo, my "photographer in residence", Virginia Jones magically appeared!

The talented Dr. Bonatz

Susan, Mike, Ekkehard, Jill and Nicki

You can see more of Virginia's beautiful photography on her blog:
Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo. While you're there, you can click on the gnome and see her great photographs of Paris. She is also featured everyday on the cover page of the B-Metro website.

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  1. As soon as I can talk you into installing more "ambient" lighting in the studio, we'll be in business!


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