Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Thumbs Up!

How do you like my new jewelry?!

Looks like something Elton John might wear, doesn't it? They are actually splints for my thumbs, which have lately had problems with hyperextension...again.

I say again, because I had the same problem in college. At that time I cut two shoe horns to size and taped them to my thumbs while practicing. It worked, and I had no more problems for over 25 years! I really should have patented my "fix", because these silver splints look suspiciously like my old shoe horns of 25 years ago! A month of this and I should be in good shape for another 20-30 years. The great thing is that they in no way impede my playing.

Susan Brown is the wonderful therapist that measured me for my splints. I had a picture of her on my Blackberry, but couldn't transfer the pictures to my computer or my iPhone. The iPhone by the way, makes my Blackberry look like a real dinosaur. Have I already said that? Well, it's true.

Timeless II is coming along. I'll let you hear a sample in a couple of weeks.

By the way, the dates and times for my April concerts in Pennsylvania are set. All three concerts will feature my friend and fellow artist Greg Maroney and me, each of us performing our own original music. Our styles are very different so you get two concerts for the price of one.

Friday, April 30, 2010, 7PM
DeMeester Recital Hall, on the campus of York College, York,PA
You say DeMeester, I say der Meister... =)

Saturday April 31st 7PM
Sunday May 1st 2PM
Harmony Grove Concert Series in Dover, PA
For ticket information please email

Thanks for visiting.
God bless.

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  1. Actually, I think they look like something our dear Elton would wear in his ear! A big hello to your fab therapist, Susan!


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