Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Redux

You've heard of a horse doctor, haven't you? Well our daughter Anna actually IS one - rather an equine vet as she'll be quick to tell you. She is in the middle of a one-year internship at an equine clinic in Florida. She and her dog Tucker spent a few happy days at Christmas with us. Anna is fun and fearless, and we love having her around. We were sad to see her go.....

Here's a shot of our beautiful girl.

Anna in the kitchen on Christmas Day

Now Tucker is a piece of work. He was SUPPOSED to be a full-blooded Bull Mastiff - at least that's what we thought we were buying. By the time we discovered that he was a mutt, (part Bull Mastiff and part Greyhound, at least that's what I think) Anna loved him and wouldn't hear of returning him. Love (hers) trumped outraged sense of justice (mine). Or headstrong daughter trumps doting parents. Take your choice.

Tucker scares Riley to DEATH. Whenever Tucker enters the room, Riley instantly becomes a statue. It's as if he thinks that by standing still he will be invisible. Riley did have one manly moment, though. Tucker tried to nose in on Riley's food and he tore into Tucker with a terrible roar. I cheered him on, but the ladies were very ashamed of Riley for his inhospitable behavior.

Tucker the 10th reindeer, in front of our tree.

I had to look up the number of Santa's reindeer, by the way. I lead a very sheltered life. =)

On December 26th, Jan played reveille about 7 AM and a mere 12 hours later, not a single remnant of the Christmas holidays remained in our house. An archaeologist would swear that Christmas had never existed here. Did I mention that Jan likes to be busy?

I bought myself a new iPhone for Christmas, and I LOVE it! I also surprised Jan with a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. (We also have a couple of Dells, but I use them mainly for target practice.)

Sorry to tell you this, but I am discontinuing the weekly download until Timeless II is finished. I'm in the middle of what Beethoven called a "raptus", so I have to take advantage of the inspiration while it's here.

Happy New Year,
May God bless you richly in 2010.


  1. And to think I knew Anna when she wasn't even sleeping through the night and now she's an "equine vet"! :)

  2. Judy - So CaliforniaJanuary 22, 2010 at 12:25 AM

    Anna is a beautiful young woman. Good thing she's not a "doctor" "doctor" - she'd have all the young fellows clamoring to be patients! Tucker looks like such a cutie - sorry he makes Riley uncomfortable in his own home. Maybe it'll get better with time - do you think?


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