Friday, December 11, 2009

The Gargantuan Challenge

Do you ever wonder where the things we say come from? It's strange to think that the phrases we use actually started with one person somewhere, and gradually came to be used by everybody everywhere.

Most of these phrases were actually started by two guys living in a trailer in lower Alabama.

How many times a day do you hear someone say, "Have a good one" ? It started something like this...

One day two guys, Butch and Bubba, were sitting outside their trailer, drinking Buds and smokin' Marlboros. Bubba ran out of beer and smokes and had to go into town to get some more. As he was about to climb into his pickup, Butch called out, " Have a good one", and smiled at the way it sounded.

Now when Bubba, who wasn't too smart, heard this, he liked it, and started saying it to eveyone instead of goodbye. It caught on, worked its way through Georgia, up into the Carolinas, and all the way up the eastern seaboard. Truckers carried "Have a good one" out to the west coast.

"Have a good one" is now synonymous with goodbye all over the USA, and probably has been translated into other languages.

Imagine Butch's surprise when one day he heard somebody on TV say, "Have a good one". Knowing that HE had been the first person to ever say that must have been the high point of his life.

Now here's my challenge to you. I've come up with an alternative to "Have a good one". It's "HAVE A GARGANTUAN". It makes just as much sense, even more , because I'm the one who started it. And I don't even live in a trailer.

So I'm asking you, whenever anyone tells you to have a good one, to respond with "Have a gargantuan". It'll be lots of fun to see the strange looks people give you. And it will make me happy. And who knows, when "Have a gargantuan" goes around the globe and comes back to me, it may even be the high point of MY life.

This week's MP3 is the vocal version of The One I Waited For. I wrote wedding lyrics for the song, and there is even a version with ME singing it. But you don't know me well enough yet to hear THAT...

So, until next time, HAVE A GARGANTUAN!
Go thou and do likewise.

Wise men still seek him.

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