Friday, July 2, 2010

Music on Hold

Take a look at the beautiful cover for Timeless II. Matt Strieby of New Leaf Design has once more amazed me with his artistry.

On the music side, not much to tell this week. Jan and I are spending most of the time in the waiting room outside intensive care. In fact, I am writing these lines from the hospital, and I haven't been to the studio at all today. Today is 9 days after Lou's bypass surgery, and she is still in ICU on the ventilator. I had really hoped they would take that horrible tube out of her throat today, but it looks like it may be tomorrow or even the day after. She is MISERABLE.

Jan and I were supposed to leave yesterday for a 10-day vacation, but obviously this not going to happen.

Timeless II has to be released by September 1st to be eligible for Grammy nomination. God willing, I will meet that deadline. The piano tracks are all finished, just have to finish the orchestration, mix, and master. Now that the cover is done, I'll get the individual songs to iTunes as soon as each one is finished.

I'll be performing in concert in Memphis on September 25th, more details later. I'm also working on dates in Little Rock and Jackson, MS.

Sorry I haven't updated the blog the last couple of weeks. Virginia was in Paris and then Meme had her heart attack...


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