Friday, June 4, 2010

Partita Hardita

If you enjoy Timeless, you are going to love Timeless II. We're doing something a bit different with the new album; we are going to release the songs one by one on iTunes before the complete CD is released. Album design is once more in the gifted hands of Matt Strieby of New Leaf Design, and as soon as the cover is ready, the songs will begin appearing on iTunes.

Click the link to hear a 30 second preview of the first song, Partita.

In preparation for the iTunes release, Partita has been reviewed by noted critic Kathy Parsons. Please read the full review below.

Partita by J.S.Bach
Michael Dulin
from Timeless II

Partita by J.S. Bach is the first piece to be released from Timeless II, Michael Dulin's anxiously awaited follow-up to Timeless, his best-selling and award-winning 2005 collection of classical music. Subtitled "Classics for a New Age," some of those pieces were performed exactly as written for solo piano and some were arranged with various intruments for a more contemporary sound. Timeless II will have a similar format, and if the rest of the album is as exciting as Partita, we are in for another real treat!

Partita is based on the first movement (Praeludium) of Bach's B-flat Partita (BWV 825). Bach's six Partitas are considered to be among his most challenging keyboard works to play, but Dulin handles this one with ease. The first half of the track is Dulin's performance of the piece as written, with note-for-note perfection; strings were added in the background for color and a silky contrast to the more percussive piano. From there, Dulin seamlessly incorporates his own variations on the theme which sound even more challenging to play. His flawless trills on either hand are breathtakingly (try doing this at home, kids!) as is his effortless technique.

It is with good reason that Michael Dulin is known as a pianist's pianist. There seems to be no limit to what he can do at the piano, and yet he makes it look and sound easy. If you are a fan of Timeless, you will be thrilled with Timeless II. Classical music lovers, even purists, will find this music to be a joy. If you'd just like to listen to something top-notch and a little different, this if for you, too. Literally something for everyone! Highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons

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